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Category: Estate Planning

Have You Reviewed Your Estate Plan Recently?

estate plan

Creating an estate plan can seem like an important accomplishment – and it is, as you are working to protect your family’s future and your property. However, too many people assume they can depend on the same estate plan for years to come, and you would be surprised about how many people fail to ever address their estate plan…

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Benefits of a Living Trust

living trust

Many people draft a last will and testament and assume their estate planning responsibilities are complete. While having a will can make the probate process easier for your loved ones, putting your entire estate through probate is often not the ideal scenario. To ensure that all of your estate planning goals are fully realized and accomplished, discuss the benefits…

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Choosing Your Power of Attorney

power of attorney

As part of your comprehensive estate plan, you should draft a power of attorney document. This document gives someone else the authority to handle your financial and legal affairs should you become incapacitated. Who you choose as your power of attorney should be carefully considered, and you should discuss the matter closely with an estate planning lawyer in Carlsbad….

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Estate Planning FAQ

estate planning faq

While you may have heard about estate planning and understand that people should draft a will, you may still have many questions. There is much more to a comprehensive estate plan than a last will and testament, and you should discuss your personal goals and needs with an estate planning lawyer in Carlsbad. The following are some common questions…

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Providing for Your Children in Your Will

will attorney

If you pass away without a will, California intestate laws will determine how the court will distribute your estate. For example, if you have children and no spouse, your children will inherit your entire estate. If you have a spouse, your spouse will get all of your shared community property, and your separate property will be divided between your…

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3 Reasons to Start Your Estate Planning Today

While most people have heard about the basics of estate planning, like wills and healthcare directives, many have not taken the initiative to create their own legal documents. A recent study found that nearly 60% of American adults do not have any kind of estate plan in place. This may be because, in our culture, we simply don’t want…

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